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Isolation Valve for Tankless Water Heater




Isolation & Pressure Relief Valve
   Lead Free (required in CA and many other States)


  • Allows servicing of tankless water heaters
  • 3/4" Sweat or threaded type
  • similar to pictured
  • fits all tankless water heaters with 3/4" connections for water inlet and outlet
  • TH = Threaded - SW = Sweat











Stainless Steel Gas Line & Ball Valve
  • True 3/4" flexiable gas line


  • 24" in length - 3/4" FIP - 3/4" MIP


  • 3/4" Gas Ball Valve


  • similar to pictured






earthquake gasl shut off valve

Seismic Auto Gas Shut Off Valve


  • Shuts off Gas autmatically
  • Residential and Commercial
  • No Tool needed to set or to reset
  • Required by many cities when installing Tankless Water Heater
  • Horizental mount
  • Availabe in 3/4", 1", 1 1/4" sizes







recirculation pumps provide more savings

Water Saving Auto Circulation Pump


  • On-Demand operation
  • Saves Water and Energy
  • Activated on demand only
  • Can be operated remotely in conjunction with X10 remote control (not included)
  • Brings Hot Water to all Faucets on demand
  • Easy to install
  • Model - Chilpepper CP6000















Seller not liable for damages caused by improper installation of Gas or Propane water heaters sold by us. We require the buyer have a licensed and properly trained plumber or service tech install any water heater we sell. Further, you the consumer are responsible to order the proper model and manufactured water heater that complies with you local, state and federal laws or compliance requirements. You, the consumer agree to obtain any permits necessary to your local, state and federal laws or compliance requirements. We urge you the buyer to consult your local licensed and authorized installer for advise on the proper selection of your Water Heater, if Electric, Gas or Propane. We cannot be responsible for any advice given by any sales person related to these matters. Once installed, water heaters cannot be returned. Seller will not be liable for improper installation, operation service or maintenance, possibly resulting in fire, electrical shock, scald injury, carbon monoxide poisoning, explosion, property damage, personal injury or death from Water Heaters sold by us. Any problems or liability related to a manufacturing issue must be handled with the Water Heater Manufacturer.

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