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●  Is Tankless Water Heater something new?


No, Tankless Water Heaters have been around for decades in other parts of the world, mainly in Europe and Asia.


●  What are the advantages of Tankless Water Heater vs. the traditional tank type?


·       Saves Space, it is about one-fourth the size of traditional and can be installed in many places

·     Saves Energy, it heats the water as you use it, not keeping 40-50 gallons of water hot all the time

·     Saves Money, approx. 30% of gas usage in a household is for the water heater, this can be cut to more than half.

·     High Efficiency, most tankless water heaters are more than 80% efficient compared to 30-50% of tank type water heaters.

·     Green, Environmentally friendly, higher efficiency and modern technology allows significantly less carbon emissions.

·     Lasts longer, Tankless water heater lasts 3 times longer than traditional to more than 20 years.

·     Clean Water, Water is not stored in a tank, no sediments and other particulates, rust are formed and mixed with water.

·     Endless Hot Water, since water is heated as it is used there is no worry to run out of hot water from a traditional tank water heater.

·     Proper sizing of the system allows having multiple showers or other sources running all at the same time.


●  Are there any Tax Credits or Rebates for Tankless Water Heaters?


Yes, newly introduced large federal tax credit of 30% up to $ 1,800.00 for the total cost, including installation. Download the tax form  f5695.pdf here.There may be additional state, local or utility incentives. We will be glad to handle this for you.


●  Will there be any difference in usage?


No, in some cases you may get hot water sooner to your shower head or faucet than before because of the new location of the water heater being closer to point of use. A smart-reticulating system design can give you instant hot water at any faucet or shower head.  We’ll be glad to share more information with you.


●  Where is the Tankless Water Heater installed?


Location of installation is very important for trouble-free operation. Adequate venting, oxygen, plumbing and sufficient gas supply are all important factors. Our experienced personnel will gladly discuss all available options with you.


●  Are there any special requirements for tankless water heater installation?


Yes, since water is heated instantly there is more heating energy needed and that requires a slightly larger size gas line to provide the additional gas volume needed. This is updated as part of the installation.

Tankless water heaters don’t have a always burning pilot like tank type, they are pilotless but need electricity for igniting the gas initially. The electricity usage is very minimal. A new electrical connection will be provided as part of installation.

As water is heated instantly there is more heat produced that requires sometimes special venting, this installation depended.


●  Can I install a tankless water heater myself?


Expert installation is very important to safety, trouble-free operation and manufacturer’s warranty. As with any potentially dangerous situation it is best to use licensed and factory trained plumber, gas fitter and electrician here. Besides of voiding manufacturer’s warranty use of unqualified persons can be dangerous when handling gas, water and electricity.


●  Is there any Permit needed to install a Tankless Water Heater?


Yes, there is a permit needed from the local building department. We will gladly start the permit application process, ONLY charging you the Permit Fee with NO markup! We will have the completed Permit sent to your Home, you can then call the Permit department for inspection after all work is complete.


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