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We offer expert Tankless Water Heating and Hydronic Solutions in the San Francisco Bay Area on all major Brands.


We sell, install and service Bosch, Navien, Noritz, Rinnai and Takagi Tankless Water Heaters.


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Tax Credit for Tankless Water Heaters


best tankless water heater Tankless Water Heater saves energy by not having a storage tank full of water that is heated 24/7. Water is heated only on demand and at much higher efficiency. See here how Tankless Water Heaters Work.


Tankless Water Heater is Best Value delivering endless hot water. Correct Tankless Water Heater size calculation is important to achieve best Performace and Value. Who makes the best tankless water heater?


Tankless Water Heaters are not something new, they have been around for decades, mainly in Asia and Europe. Gas water heater is generally the most economical hot water heater and tankless heater is even more. With tax credits and rebate they are even more attractive. The cost of tankless water heater depends on brand, size and installation location, see here for an estimate.


Fluctuating Water Temperatue at the Shower?


when experiencing fluctuatuating water temperature in your shower it is often not the fault of the tankless heater rather with the shower fixture. Many of the German brand Grohe and Hansgrohe fixtures are the cause of the problem. They have a built in thermostatic valve that tries to control the water temperature at the fixture and limit the max temperature. It then tends to oscilate between luke warm and hot as its thermostatic valve opens and closes. There is an internal adjustment to raise the temperature setting but these fixtures are over engineered and trouble some beside being expensive.


They may work well in Germany as many towns have central water heating. Yes, central water heating! You get hot water delivered just like cold water, a lot of times the hot water is boiling hot. There are two water meters, one for hot and one for cold. The hot water is being generated by garbage incenarators, cooling water from nuclear power plants, etc. and pumped throughout the town. Each home or building has a heat exchanger to extract the heat.


Why not buy a Tankless Water Heater from Amazon, Ebay, Home Depot or other Warehouses?


We think service is a local issue, not something that can be bought through the internet. Amazon and others have started on selling sevice online, for the referral they demand about 20% of the total cost. That is pretty steep and something the local plumber has to make up for it in other ways with the customer and not always in a transparent manner.


Should something go wrong the customer is caught between the seller (i.e.Amazon) and the installer (plumber), each pointing to the other for being responsible.


Similairly this is the case buying from Home Depot, Lowe's or other large stores. They subcontract the installation through a referral with steep referral fees from the installation company.


Some retailers even use out-of-state companies to install and when times comes for service they are not responsive.


Our price checks have shown that there is no price advantage compared to the local company selling and installing the tankless unit. Big box and online referred installation companies tend to be more expensive because of the installation company having to make up for the large referral fees.


Additionally Tankles Water Heater Manufactures require an installation by a certified installtion company in order for the tankless water heater to be warrantied.


We recommend local plumbing companies who are experienced and are at hand when you need service. Having to wait on service for hot water can be very frustrating. Using local plumbers also helps your community by supporting local businesses.


We carry all major brands of Tankless water heaters and are certified by major manufacture. We carry the all new condensing Rinnai RUC98i, RUR98i with wireless (WiFi) option.



No need to waste water while waiting for hot water.


We offer innovative water re-circulation systems for on-demand hot water convenience and substaintial water savings. Contact us for details.



Are Tankless Water Heaters a worthwhile investment?


the short answer is YES. They save Energy, Space and are environmentally friendly. Up to 50% Less Energy usage and CO Emissions for a little more initial cost than the traditional Storage Tank Water Heater.


Solar Thermal Water Heating offers additional advantages, using the sun to heat water for domestic hot water, pool heating and Radiant Heating. We are specialized in designing a custom system just for your needs and deliver all needed parts for Do it yourself installation or using our professional installation.


Small point of use electric heaters can pose problems in installation.


tank vs. tankless water heater

At JustTankless we carry major brands like Bosch Pro Series, Navien, Noritz, Takagi and Rinnai and can ship complete kits ready for installation by yourself or can refer you to one of our specialists in your area.


All Energy Star tankless water heaters qualify for federal tax credits and local rebates. Federal tax Credits end soon in 2010.


Tankless Water Heater is not just for showers and bath, it is also great for replacing your Hydronic or Floor Heating Boiler like many Eichler Homes have. A Tankless Boiler saves energy and is much more responsive and efficient.


At Just Tankless we are experts on Joseph Eichler build homes, replacing the boiler system with new tankless technology, increasing efficiency, performance, saving money and energy.


Qualifying Tankless Water Heaters are eligable for a $300 Federal Tax Credit in addition to any local utility rebates.


We also specialize in modernizing your Lennox Comfort Hydronic Heaters with Hydronic Air Handlers. Our cost effective solution extends the life of the hydronic heating and domestic water supply these systems provide. Lennox has discontinued the manufacturing and sale of these systems. Contact us for more information.


Natural Gas and Liquid Propane Tankless Water Heaters are finding also applications in floor heating systems replacing traditional boilers. A tankless water heater can supply the floor heating system and supply the entire home with hot water. Experts at Just Tankless are experienced in careful system planning and design to provide maximum savings at the Lowest Possible Cost.


Water heaters based on tankless technology provide clean hot water at lowest price. We carry natural gas and liquid propane tankless water heaters.


Tankless Water Heaters deliver hot water on demand and can supply an entire home with endless hot water. Commercial tankless water heaters have become very popular in restaurants, hotels, hair salons, spas, in sport gyms and everywhere where hot water is needed.


In storage tank water heaters there is a possibility of bacteria growth and sediments build up, not with Tankless Water Heaters, they provide Clean and Fresh Hot Water.


Just Tankless offers all Bosch Pro Series, Navien, Noritz, Takagi, and Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters at Best Prices. We are certified by all major tankless water heater brands and provide hydronic systems. We specialize in Eichler homes with in-floor hydronics and provide a new state of the art solution, please Contact us for more information.



Just Tankless is Bosch, Noritz, Rinnai, Navien and Takagi factory certified and specializes in Tankless Water Heaters. We carry all Noritz Tankless Water Heater Model Residential series NR66 (N-0531S) NR71, (N-0631S), NR98 (N-0751M), (N-0842), NRC111, NR111 (N-0931), as well all Commercial NC199, NCC199 (N-0841MC), NC250 (N-0931M), NC380 (N-01321M) and Hydronic Model series NH-150 (NH-1501), NH-199 (NH-2001) in indoor and outdoor models and special stainless steel venting.


Takagi Modles T-K3jr, T-K3-SP, T-K3-OS, T-K3, T-H1, the all new Takagi T-H2, T-H3, T-K4, T-M32, T-M50, T-K3-Pro, indoor and outdoor models are also available with all venting and accessories.


We carry Rinnai tankless heaters, the RUC98iN, RUC98eN, RUR98iN, RUR199iN in natural gas models and all Liquid Propane models like Ru199iP and others.


We also carry the all new Navien 98% condensing tankless water heaters model CR-180/CC-180, CR-210/CC-210, CR-240/CC-240.


We have low prices with best service and expert installation. Install a Tankless Water Heater Now and take Tax Rebates and Credits. Not all Tankless Water Heaters qualify, Contact us for Details.



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